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The idea for the Elegant Teacup came to me while I was planning my eldest daughter’s birthday party. In March 2018, we were brainstorming themes, and she was pretty adamant about wanting a tea party…for the third year in a row! For the past two birthdays, I’ve taken her and several of her sweet little friends to a charming tea house (that rhymes with Trisa’s Tea Treasures). This year, though, her invite list was much larger – 30 girls (not including all of their moms)! The only way we could invite that many people would be to have a tea party at home. Being that I love entertaining, I was up for the challenge. So just weeks before the party, I started hunting for, and buying, teacups, plates and all things tea party.   As I began to amass a collection, it hit me: I couldn’t have been the only person who needed these dishes (although I might have been one of few who would actually search for weeks and buy it all! lol). At that moment, the idea for The Elegant Teacup was born.

As a mom of four kids (two girls & two boys), I’ve planned my share of birthdays and events. I also spent ten years in tech recruiting here in the Bay Area, and dabbled a bit in corporate event planning. I love hosting parties, and have a keen eye for tasteful presentation and style. 

Our goal at the Elegant Teacup is to help you take your ideas from conception to elegant execution! When you come to us to rent china and decor, you can rest assured that your special event will leave a lasting impression on your guests.